What's the deal with Shipping?

All orders shipped daily from our Morningside brewery.

Same day delivery every Friday if you order before 10am (Brisbane Only).

  • Brisbane $5 flat rate
  • Rest of Australia $15 flat rate
Note: If you order any merch it may have an additional shipping charge as we use a print on demand service.

Do you make the Seltzer or do you contract brew?

We make it all from scratch at our very own brewery in Brisbane that was built specifically for only brewing Hard Seltzer.

Find out more about our story HERE

How's the Seltzer made?

First, the base alcohol recipe is fermented with yeast the same way beer is. Then we extract that base recipe and flavour it with our organic fruit extracts. Finally, we carbonate the finished product and package it up all from our little brewery here in Morningside. 

So how healthy is it really?

Bloody healthy. We actually couldn't believe it when we first found out.

To see the nutritional info click HERE

Where is it brewed?

Our home city of Brisbane Australia. We brew all of our products in our Morningside brewery, although we are not open to the public for service we welcome any one who wants to drop in and see our little set-up, just send us an email to organise a time.

Who's behind Hohly Water?

Two local blokes who are not really all that interesting, but if you were curious HERE is a video where they introduce themselves and talk through the vision for Hohly Water.

Where can I buy Hohly Water?

We can ship it directly to your door when you order online, or you can buy it locally in cans or on tap at any of our boutique craft stores or bars. To see a list of our local bars and stores click HERE.